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  1. My-Journey-in-surface-pattern-design-blog-post-title

    I’ve been quiet on my blog, and with my business for some time.  Last year had its challenges personally for me with two close family bereavements, one following a long illness, and my own wedding to organise.

    However, the one thing that kept me going was the wonderful online surface pattern design courses I took with Make it in Design: The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.  I completed the first module (‘Designing Your Way’) the year before and three more last year.

    Module 2 was ‘Creating your professional identity’; Module 3 was ‘Monetising your designs’ and finally I took the ‘Ultimate Portfolio Builder’ course.  Each of these courses was jam-packed with information, inspirational work of other designers and exciting projects.  There were also bonus technical workshops which helped me a lot with the practical side of making patterns work.  I could take it at my own pace and there was a supportive Facebook group to link up with other students.  Rachael Taylor was the course leader, with years of experience in many different facets of the business and creator of many stunning designs.


     During the year, my own style developed greatly, but I also gained lots of helpful insights into how the business works.  The Ultimate Portfolio gave me video feedback on my designs and also offered live briefs from real companies.  Due to the timing, I wasn’t able to make the most of it, but would like to retake the course in the Autumn, when I have a larger portfolio of work and, hopefully, more time to dedicate to it.


    One thing that has grown and grown is my love of surface pattern design, which has allowed me to express myself creatively.  When I started my lampshade-making business, my favourite part was seeking out the beautiful fabrics designed by other people.  However, it is much more exciting being able to create my own patterns for fabrics and other media. 


     You may, therefore, see my business develop in a slightly different direction over the coming months.  I am working on this at the moment as well as my own lampshade designs, and designs for other products, so watch this space………

  2. Five-reasons-to-buy-a-colourful-lampshade-blog-post-title

    1.Change up the look of your room

    Does your room need a bit of a change?  Are you feeling a bit bored of your décor?  If so, why not buy a bright and colourful lampshade or two to brighten it up?  Changing a lampshade or two is a very inexpensive way of changing the look of a room without redecorating it completely.

    Living room lampshades

     2. Match (or co-ordinate with) your other soft furnishings

    Have you selected some really wonderful fabric for your curtains or cushions?  Are your plain cream or white shades looking bland in comparison? Why not select some lampshades in matching, or co-ordinating fabric, to pull your interior design together?

     lamps on for warmth

           3. Ditch the bland

    Is your interior décor feeling a bit boring?  Perhaps you have deliberately chosen neutrals, but are now concerned that your room is a bit too bland.  A new lampshade is a great way of injecting a bit of colour into your room without doing anything too permanent or difficult to change.  If your room decorated in cool tones, a lamp or two in bright colours can add warmth to a room too.

    childrens lampshades

           4. Add character to a room

    Whether your grown-up bedroom needs a little injection of romance, or your child’s room needs a bit of colour, a lampshade can help.   Do you need to add a feminine touch to your bedroom, without scaring your partner – well a lampshade can be pretty without overwhelming the space with ‘girliness’ as well as adding some romantic lighting at the same time.  Fun and bright lampshades in a child’s bedroom can add personality, without the need to completely theme the decoration.  They are easy to change out too, as your child’s tastes change as they grow up.

    bedroom lampshades

           5. To make you smile

    Some of my bolder designs of lampshade are meant, yes, to make a statement, but mostly just to make you smile.  Why not have a little home décor in your home that makes you happy every time you enter the room.

    shades to make you smile

     If you've seen a lampshade here that you love, or that makes you smile, why not head over to the shop section of my website, or get in touch with me about making you a bespoke lampshade.