I create beautiful cards and gifts, using my own hand-drawn designs and hand-made lampshades using  fabrics by other wonderful designers.

All of my designs start with hand drawn motifs, which I then combine to make unique and beautiful colourful patterns.  My products are then produced using carefully selected companies based in the UK.  I currently have a small range but am developing new products all the time.

New for 2020: you can now buy my designs printed on fabric or gift wrap, from my production partner, Fashion Formula. Check out my Buy Fabric page for further details.

I also create handmade lampshades made for you in Hertfordshire, UK.  I source fabulous fabrics to create something you won't find on the high street. Every item is lovingly hand crafted and finished to a high standard.  While I specialise in drum lampshades, I can undertake bespoke orders of  different types and sizes of lampshade, using your own personal fabrics.

If you are redecorating your home and are looking for something different and unique, my lampshades will offer the finishing touch to your beautifully renovated room.  Alternatively, if you are looking for something to simply change the look of a room or add a splash of colour, high quality lampshades are a cost effective and stylish way of making an attractive and unique change.

Please browse my shop or check out my blog.  If you would like further information, do not hesitate to get in touch here.  

For examples of my work and work-in-progress follow me on social media.

@corncrakedesign for my own designs

@corncrakehome for lampshades


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