About Us



Well, when I say about us, I really mean about me - although perhaps there will be an 'us' in the future as my business grows.  Although, if you look around my website you will find Molly, the helpful spaniel, who is one of my beautiful models.

The daughter of an architect and interior designer, I was lucky to grow up in beautiful surroundings and was taught to have a visual appreciation from an early age.  You may also notice that I am the daughter of a gardener, as many of my chosen fabrics aim to bring the outdoors inside.

I trained as an Art Historian and have worked in the arts for most of my career.  Starting out at a contemporary art museum, I moved on to become curator of a historic house and then changed pace and moved to work as an auctioneer and valuer, specialising in ceramics. 


 After a short(ish) three year interlude living in South Africa, training and then working as a safari guide, I returned to the UK and moved to a farm in a village near St Albans.  I decided that I wanted to become a creator rather than purely an admirer of beautiful objects and talked through with friends what I should do.  My inspirational jewellery maker friend Jane suggested lampshades, which had already been at the back of my mind, and from this my business was born.  I am now lucky enough to spend some of my time sourcing wonderful and beautiful fabrics and more of my time using them to create lovely lampshades.  I will regularly be adding new designs and, when my business has grown a little, I want to add some more unusual and one-off lampshades to my inventory - so watch this space.

Meanwhile, I also plan to write occasional blogs, not only about lampshades (that might quite quickly become dull for everybody other than me), but about the experience of being a crafter and about interiors and antiques.  Please check out my blog pages and subscribe to it or follow Corncrake Design on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Otherwise, please enjoy browsing my website.  If you have any questions about my products, or find a link that doesn't work, please don't hesitate to get in touch.